DETOXING: TRS or Touchstone PBX?
My Review One Year After


You probably heard of TRS or the competitor Touchstone PBX. Let me do a quick recap and tell you why it can be relevant for you.

In case you don't know what I am talking about, both are SERIOUS DETOXING products. Mild but POWERFUL.

On a completely different level than green juice...


What they do and how:

AdvancedTRS and Touchstone Pure Body Zeolite Detox are both liquid/sprays that work by crossing the blood-brain-barrier and using tiny nano-sized particles attract heavy metals and toxins that no other detoxing product can attract. Why? Because they are so tiny ("nano"), and to the body seem like water, so they flow around in the body everywhere water would go and attract toxins. TRS and Touchstone detox on a CELLULAR LEVEL!

TRS especially makes a point out of trapping the toxins INSIDE itself, but really they both do, due to using ZEOLITES.

With most other detox products, the heavy metals often just get moved around in the body thus creating various symptoms everywhere, instead TRS and Touchstone TRAP the toxins inside ZEOLITES (inside their molecular structure!) and as the body thinks it is water, well, after some hours, the "water", with the toxins and heavy metals inside, gets peed out of the body. A very brilliant and effective way of detoxification.

Both say to be very mild for the body, being all natural and purified.

I talk about and recommend both in my Vitamin D course. Below is a short review of my own experience.

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My experience:

I started with TRS the summer of 2019 (the time when the world was still normal as we remember it.... anyways)... I had severe insomnia at that time because of hormonal deficiencies. However when I started with TRS I started to get extremely sleepy and could fall asleep everywhere, which was not good either, and one can think it was healing the insomnia but when I tried it earlier this year (2020) when I had healed the insomnia, I still got vey tired from the TRS and a few times I got the opposite: some light-bulb-moments with more energy, but this was usually late in the evening and thus would keep me up at night.

Later on I tried the Touchstone spray and I decided to push through the 3 times 4 sprays a day. In the first sprays it was giving off some detox symptoms, the ones I took at lunch gave sometimes more detox symptoms and fatigue, but it made me curious to see if anything happened at the last 4 sprays, which was outstanding, because I got amazing energy and clarity! And it gave the same effect every time, so much more predictable and amazing! So I really recommend this.

I am currently on a break from the detox sprays because I am on a brain protocol to strengthen the cell walls and increase grey matter in the brain, to reduce the toxic cortisol levels that harm the brain (high cortisol levels hinder the absorption of vitamin D). So I use these interchangeable to build up the brain and to remove toxins. The spray is an excellent tool to help your brain and body get rid of heavy metals that the body cannot get rid of itself. You can read more and buy the spray here

If you have any questions about the spray or the brain health protocol let me know by sending me an email.

I hope you find this helpful. Detoxing is really important and I've included a long and in-depth lesson on detoxification in the Vitamin D Course which you can read more about here.

To Your Health!

— Vanessa Raphael


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