How to start reversing MS naturally

In this blog post I want to tell you that it is possible to reverse MS naturally.

I know you wont find a conventional medicine doctor that will agree to this, firstly because a medicine doctor is trained to sell medicine and secondly the pharmaceutical industry does not benefit from them not having patients. Thirdly, evidence trumps any medical theory and lastly there are functional and progressive medical doctors that I follow that led me to this journey of finding and developing my own protocol to help basically any autoimmune diseases, because it is possible.

Autoimmune diseases are known to be lifestyle diseases, thus these conditions come through our lifestyles they can also be reversed through adapting to new lifestyles. For some that means years of reversing toxic loads and then being free for others it means changing their thought life, dealing with trauma and outlook on life and changing what they eat. For most people it is a bit of everything and the most important thing to have in mind is that this is your journey and not a competition so do not compare your self with others - because the body is intelligent and know that comparison is also a stressor.

You also must keep in mind that ageing is a factor we cannot ignore. Things go downhill in many ways if you don't deal with your condition naturally and you cannot expect to be younger than when you first started getting ill. However many who are diligent in reversing their health by implementing new healthier choices are healthier than their peers. You just need to know that time is your biggest investment and many are not willing to invest their time which is the only real asset they have.

Patients often get caught up in believing that they do not have time or money to invest in healing themselves naturally and therefor hold back on both these energies. However in most cases they spend their time in Facebook groups and similar forums trying band-aid treatments and not before long years have passed and lots of money is spent that far outweighs the time and the money they "did not have" for natural treatment and they ended up being worse or just moved toxins around in the body.

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

I am going to write WebMD’s definition «MS happens when your immune system attacks a fatty material called myelin, which wraps around your nerve fibers to protect them. Without this outer shell, your nerves become damaged. Scar tissue may form».

The damage means your brain can’t send signals through your body correctly. Your nerves also don’t work as they should to help you move and feel. As a result, you may have symptoms like:

What is the conventional treatment of MS?

The conventional treatment that I have witnessed feels to me like leading the animal to the slaughter (really, the closest analogy I can come up with!) Well-meaning but ignorant neurologist and MS nurses put the patient's life on a slow death row by putting them on horrible DMDs such as Tysabri (which can give you brain virus), Copaxone, Ocrevus and what not. The toll of drugs is to break down the communication between the body and the brain so the brain is not receiving its natural signals anymore.

Additionally has the body zero synthetic receptors so it cannot "translate" the drug but the body is great at adapting to most situations and this the drug companies know, however what the patient do not know are the side effects, even though they are usually printed on the pill case or in the leaflet that is inside. However that is not what the neurologist is paying attention to when they want their patients to start it. It is like smoking, smokers know that smoking is bad for them but at the moment they are stil alive and everything seems to work right here and right now, tomorrow and the future does not seem to bother them.

Other problems with drugs are that they overtax an already overworked liver and both the toxins and the drugs will now have to fight to get through the detoxification processes - which they may not and the patient gets no improvement but in best case gets to halt the disease for some years until the body is so filled with toxins it just starts breaking down - and the brain does not even receive the signals - bladder is out of control and hands loose grips, legs give in and brain fog and fatigue as well as slurred speech and blurry vision is then a huge problem. However, these symptom's underlying causes are toxification and MS, the drugs are band-aids that slow the communication in the body down, not healing it just trying to remove symptoms of a slow death.

So where do you start?

I recommend to heal any disease by starting with the liver. Everything has to go through the liver which is the body's "project manager" and all waste and toxins have to go through your liver to be cleared out of your body. You can think about it as a huge filter. This filter often gets clogged with toxins and hormones which again causes toxicity in the body and miss-signaling to the brain. This is a large topic that I wont get into here but what you need to know is that the liver needs to be cleaned.

A short story I can retell in my own words I heard from Dr Group was like this: "A man who was dying from stage 4 cancer heard about liver cleanses and thought "What the heck, I only have a week to live, so I will give it a chance". Well he did the liver cleanse several times and he outlived his predicted last week, so he continued with liver cleanses. After 26 liver cleanses he felt so good that he came back to his doctor and they could not find the cancer anymore!

This story shows that liver cleanses are really powerful!

There are many types of liver cleanses and you can do the one with Epsom salts, but I will not address that here (you can google it).


You can clean your liver on everyday basis by doing a

There are many ways to clean your liver but start here (this can be overwhelming when you start researching).

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals are often the leading cause of MS and come through the environment (such as aluminium from deodorants!), but the biggest offenders have been the vaccines and the amalgams. Mercury goes to the brain, spine, heart and lungs and destroys the myelin sheats and create nerve damage. All heavy metals are neuro toxins, meaning poisons for your nerve cells.

The good news is that you can get these out of your body, but it will take time and it can take up to 9 years when done correctly and thoroughly. But of course improvements will be noticeable before. Dont let the 9 years daunt you, just think very positively from 100 years and backwards, so if you are 91 years old, you will be 100 when you are clean - chances are that you are much younger than this when you are done and see major results.

But the thing is that in the world we live in today, we have to become full time detoxers, no matter if you have MS, cancer or any other autoimmune disease - also healthy people need to detox to prevent lifestyle diseases. This is a little price to pay and so much more preventive and effective than any other "fix" ever can be. No matter what, you need to get the loads of toxins out of your body before you can do any damage to it.

Also especially woman who move towards menopause have to be extra cautious, when estrogen drops mercury accumulates in the brain and this causes other illnesses such as Alzheimer. And when estrogen drops, calcium is sucked out of the bones to alkalize acidity in the blood as well as other toxins stored in the bones go out to the blood stream.

In my observations I have seen the largest segment of people getting diagnosed with MS to be women very close to menopause or in menopause and a one sided treatment with e.g only high dosing of vitamin D3 and cofactors will not reverse it, it may be a band-aid to for a while but it will not reverse it. These need a hormone focused protocol to balanse MS and everything else that they are going through.

Another segment is the peri menopause woman (ca 30 - 60 years young) who has estrogen overload. This excess of estrogen causes inflammation in the brain, and causes other autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos, Lupus, Fibromyalgia etc.

Getting your nutrients in balance

Healing your deficiencies is super-über-important! Our lifestyles can tax our bodies and what we eat can throw nutrients out of balance.

Since it is hard to find good multi-vitamins that do not have a lot of ingredients like calcium and copper that you dont want or having the therapeutic strength you need, buying these one and one is what you need to do:

Supplements to not buy

Hormonal Detoxes

Sily Marin/ Milk Thistle/ Dandelion

Then There Are Foods To Avoid

They are

Sodas - (especially Mountain Dew that kicks iodine out of your body, but best to not drink any sodas!)

Dairy / milk is inflammatory and has both hormones and is mucus forming, which is known to clog your ovaries.

Beef, chicken and anything with hormones and added antibiotics. Note: if you want to raise war against Endometriosis, you will need to get animal products out! (However this does not have to be for life.) For the time you are 100 percent committed to get this Endometriosis-beast out of your body, everything inflammatory has to go!

Get the obvious bad food out of your life: sugar, white stuff like pasta, potatoes, rice etc. Getting your G.I down is important! And gluten free is the place for your body to be 🙂

Eat 1-2 or 3 Times A Day

Eat only when you are hungry. If you are used to eat many meals a day including snacking, then start with reducing food intake to 3 meals a day. Then slowly make your way to 2 meals a day. Eating your first meal around 10.30 - 11.30 and your last meal at 7 pm the latest. In between you will fast. Drink water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. If you are a person who struggles with low blood sugar, staying on the 3 meals a day and not going down to having less meals can help establishing the blood sugars over time, also a Ketogenic diet can be helpful. If you are plant based you might want to download this overview for plant based protein:

Trauma and Brain Health

There is nothing like drama and trauma in your life. Being a health and hormone brain coach I know how one brain with PDTS looks different from brains without it. A brain low in serotonin will focus on all the mistakes of others. Automated negative thoughts, blaming, mind reading and negative fortune telling might not be you speaking out of a free will, but from a brain that is under different influences. Here is a good place to start detecting your thoughts by downloading this sheet: and here is a PDF with thoughts to start filling your mind up and rewiring your brain:

Brain and Gut Connection

The brain and gut are best friends and talk together all the time. Unfortunately agents like antibiotics (which means anti-life!), eating "foods" unknown to the body (like genetic modified foods), hormone eruptors, coca cola/sodas, hormones from animals and everything heavy metal will destroy this gut-brain-connection and your body will not be able to fight against parasites and other intruders as it normally should. Since MS is a neuro-degenerative disease and the main headquarters in the body is the brain, the brain-gut connection is important to heal.


A good place to start is to

My Story

My story is long so I will try to write this in short and I have also written about it in my book. My mum died from a very aggressive form for MS called PPMS, but before that she was for about 40 years a normal, up going woman, worked, had two kids (me and my brother) and was physical "normal".

From my early 20ies (her 40ies) I was watching my mum rapidly decline and she went from a fully functional body to a person becoming rapidly disabled, in a wheel chair, loosing the ability to walk, eat, talk properly, hold her head up, bladder control, getting claw hands and of course being disconnected from a normal life.

Fast forward to her death, I got sick from longtime worrying and intense work trying to establish my own business, they found lesions in my brain too. Fast forward again, I finally started treatment with vitamin D3 that stopped my lesions to progress, fast forward this treatment alone did not help the Endometriosis I discovered I had that gave me intense fatigue and other issues especially with my eyes. Fast forward again, I took several health coaching trainings and finally I developed my own protocol to treat autoimmune diseases. The protocol helped me reverse Endometriosis cyst and take down cancer-markers. The protocol also works with MS patients and autoimmune patients. I also started studying the brain and brain systems which is where all diseases should be addressed from, as the brain is the headquarters of the body and if you dont listen to it or understand how it works and only treat it with a supplement protocol you are doing a band-aid treatment. Please watch my story here 

For any questions email me at (Please write a bit about your background)

(This quote is from Debbie, you can read her testimony / health journey with MS here)


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