How to start reversing Endometriosis naturally

In this blog post I want to tell you that it is possible to reverse Endometriosis naturally - this is my story:

I know you wont find a conventional medicine doctor that will agree to this- that Endometriosis can be reversed, firstly because a medicine doctor is trained to sell medicine and secondly the pharmaceutical industry does not benefit from them not having patients. Thirdly, evidence and science trumps any medical theory that auto immune conditions cannot be reversed,- and lastly there are functional and progressive medical doctors that led me to this journey of finding and developing my own protocol to help basically any autoimmune disease, because it is possible.

Autoimmune diseases are known to be lifestyle diseases, thus these conditions come through our lifestyle and they can also be reversed through adapting to new lifestyles. For some that means years of reversing toxic loads and then being free, for others it means changing their thought life, dealing with trauma and outlook on life and changing what they eat. The toxic overload can come from the pill or amalgam or a long list of options. For most people it is a bit of everything in the toxic world we live in and the most important thing to have in mind is that this is your journey and not a competition so do not compare your self with others - because the body is intelligent and knows that comparison is also a stressor.

First what is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which cells similar to those in the endometrium, the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grow outside of it. Most often this is on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissue around the uterus and ovaries; however, in rare cases it may also occur in other parts of the body.

In my own words, it is a horrible condition that makes life a living hell for women, it causes 50 shades of fatigue, birth pain when having the period, brain fog and a depressive life whereas the pain impacts on how much energy you have for yourself and other people. It also causes infertility for many women. Resource: Wikipedia

What is the conventional treatment of Endometriosis?

I went 12 years (!!) on contraceptives and after that Endometriosis slowly snak up and started to destroy my life.

Good news the protocol has not only helped shrink cysts but reduced cancer markers greatly from 330 to 127 in 10 months


The CA125 markers is almost down in the normal area from 15 november 2019 - Hallelujah!


So where do you start?

Well the liver is a great place to start. Your liver is your bodys project manager and all waste and toxins have to go through your liver to be cleared out of your body. So clean that project manager out! Think about it as a huge filter. This filter often gets clogged with toxins and hormones which again causes toxicity in the body and miss-signalling to the brain. This is a large topic that I wont get into here, but what you need to know that the liver needs to be cleaned.

A short story I can retell in my own words I heard from Dr Group was like this: "A man who was dying from stage 4 cancer heard about liver cleanses and thought "What the heck, I only have a week to live, so I will give it a chance". Well he did the liver cleanse and another one and he outlived his predicted last week so he continued with liver cleanses. After 26 liver cleanses he felt so good that he came back to his doctor and they could not find the cancer anymore!"

This story shows that liver cleanses are really powerful!

There are many types of liver cleanses and you can do the one with Epsom salts, but I will not address that here (you can Google it). However going on a full on liver flush is might not where you want to start. There are many small changes you can do first as mentioned below


You can clean your liver on everyday basis by

There are many ways to clean your liver but start here (this can be overwhelming when you start researching).

Getting your nutrients in balance

Healing your deficiencies is super-über-important! Our lifestyles can tax our bodies and what we eat can throw nutrients out of balance.

Since it is hard to find good multi-vitamins that do not have a lot of ingredients like calcium and copper that you dont want or having the therapeutic strength you need, buying these one and one, is what you have to do.

Download the full supplement list here

Supplements to NOT to buy

Hormonal detoxes

Yes, that as well. Disabling your hormones from converting to cancerous estrogens and cause havoc in your body (may lead to breast cancer).

Lets keep it to this, there are many tools and if you have the list above then it starts to add up already! Feel free to download the list here:


Progesterone Cream

Discovering progesterone was one of the best moments for me. It helped me level back low progesterone levels after putting synthetic hormones in my body via the contraceptive pill for years. Progesterone and not progestin which is synthetic like Provera - just remember that. Onas progesterone cream is what I use.

I cannot give anyone who is not in my program any advice on doses because that would be ridiculous but in my observations a dose under 200 mg can cause alot of symptoms like hot flashes, breast pain, bleed through/spotting etc. However doses above can lead to anovulation (= not ovulating), so again, it is best to do this with someone who can guide you. You can email me at thevanessaprotocol(att) for consultation.

Progesterone therapy alone can cause havoc on the estrogen levels and illiterate "internet advisors" often give advice on what they do not know. I recently experienced this in a big "estrogen dominance" group and it almost threw me into menopause. Not all practitioners are created the same..

Then there are foods to avoid

They are

Women who do not have the westernized diet with dairy and meat seem to be fertile for longer like this woman in her 70ies giving birth in India. My friend Fumi also gave birth to a healthy baby boy when she was 50 years young last year! If you want to have a child and you are struggling with Endometriosis, do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation I do help women prep for pregnancy.

Do not snack between meals

Snacking between meals sends signals to your body that insulin has to be produced. And it is impossible to loose weight when insulin is present in your blood, it is also impossible to let your body heal when insulin is at work. Unless you have diabetes 1 or need medical attention to your blood sugars, dropping the snacks is perfectly fine.

This is how my belly looked when I had the period with Endometriosis!

Eat 1-2 or 3 times a day

Eat only when you are hungry. If you are used to eat many meals a day including snacking, and you want to start intermittent fasting then start with reducing to 3 meals a day. Then slowly make your way to 2 meals a day. Eating your first meal around 10.30 - 11.30 and your last meal at 7 pm the latest. In between you will fast. Drink water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. When you are ready for it go to OMAD - one meal a day. (This may not fit everyone).

Yes, that is awesome because then you get 23 hours of fasting into your system (including when you are sleeping), and the benefits are amazing for your body! New cells eat old cells, and that includes cancer! And an upgrade of your hormones. Then again, a secret tip - when you are before your period and feel like snacking, allow your self some feasting as you need insulin to create hormones and help yourself through the period. Learning to understand that our bodies were created for both feasting and fasting, helps us to put our bodies back in balance. If you are eating plant based only, you might want to download this overview for plant based protein

Get my recipe and lifestyle book here

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Get enough sleep - stress down

When we sleep the brain gets cleaned and restored for the next day. In the type of daily stress we live in, getting enough sleep is crucial. A lot of women who go through the hormonal hell of peri menopause wake up at 3 am. Cortisol levels are turned upside down and wakey wakey time cortisol drives you nutty.

There are thankfully supplements to take down cortisol that I studyied in the brain health coaching education I took, and I wish I knew about them in 2015 when I woke up early morning and was tired all day but that is a different personalised protocol depending on a persons brain health that I wont get into here.

However a bad nights sleep can cause havoc on your healing so you have to be protective of your sleep. For me it has been that way for as long as I remember, long time before I became a teenager, so lack of sleep is not my thing and definitely not in my peri menopause years.

A place to start

The guidance above is a good place to start and let me know if you see some results. This may beneficial for you for some time and then you need to upgrade and change up your supplements, remember that out hormones change throughout life so we also need to listen, the body also becomes tired of the same  over time because it is cyclic and not static and it gives an improvement at first and then creates a new balance it gets used to, so when fighting an autoimmune disease we have to be on guard until the beast is gone!

However very low doses of many of these nutrients probably wont get you anywhere and you will need support, and then again it can be perfect for others. It is very different from person to person. Taking the blood test that comes with the download can help giving you an indication where you are.

Today I am in charge of my own days and have zero period pain, the fatigue from Endometriosis is gone, cysts have shrunk, cancer markers are down, I can listen and concentrate, I can plan my days and even better I am a brain and hormone health coach practitioner that helps others with their health too!


«I am grateful that I came across Vanessa’s protocol. I have a background in health sciences and work with people in a clinic daily. Despite my background, I have struggled with hormonal issues for more than 15 years and particularly, worse in the last year. I knew I had a vitamin D deficiency among other concerns but did not have the means to tackle this. Vanessa was able to help me deconstruct the stealth of information providing clarity and helpful recommendations that lead to tangible results. Last year I felt discomfort in my right ovary and despite visiting a gynecologist it was not addressed. I also visited a naturopath who provided some foundational information. Finally, I came across Vanessa and I am so thankful for her valuable insights that brought transformative results. I noticed the discomfort begin to leave as I adopted her recommendations. It is hard to come across health coaches that provide such insightful information. There is a lot of knowledge that does not help from the medical community. I also was facing concerns with sluggishness due to my thyroid not functioning correctly. I did not receive adequate help regarding this from my regular doctor and I was able to apply practical wisdom from Vanessa who navigated my blood test results seamlessly. I began her protocol for my thyroid as well and saw differences in alertness after a long time. Vanessa’s unique background coupled with her own personal history of hormonal struggles has made her understand what other women go through during times of hormonal imbalances. I highly recommend her services. You will see tangible results like I did along with receiving valuable feedback in your journey to getting your health back so you can live a life of vitality, wholeness and abundance».

Shelley, 38



If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want immediate support in your Endometriosis/hormonal suffering and you are not interested in spending years getting worse and loosing out on your income because you are just in a horrible condition or you do not want to get into a horrible condition I might be able to help you.

P.S I only work with a few people at the time so I need you to be invested in your own health and take healthy actions towards a better future for you and your family. If this is you then email me your background to


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