One-on-One Health Coaching
with Vanessa Raphael

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«I am grateful that I came across Vanessa’s protocol. I have a background in health sciences and work with people in a clinic daily. Despite my background, I have struggled with hormonal issues for more than 15 years and particularly, worse in the last year. I knew I had a vitamin D deficiency among other concerns but did not have the means to tackle this. Vanessa was able to help me deconstruct the stealth of information providing clarity and helpful recommendations that lead to tangible results. Last year I felt discomfort in my right ovary and despite visiting a gynecologist it was not addressed. I also visited a naturopath who provided some foundational information. Finally, I came across Vanessa and I am so thankful for her valuable insights that brought transformative results. I noticed the discomfort begin to leave as I adopted her recommendations. It is hard to come across health coaches that provide such insightful information. There is a lot of knowledge that does not help from the medical community. I also was facing concerns with sluggishness due to my thyroid not functioning correctly. I did not receive adequate help regarding this from my regular doctor and I was able to apply practical wisdom from Vanessa who navigated my blood test results seamlessly. I began her protocol for my thyroid as well and saw differences in alertness after a long time. Vanessa’s unique background coupled with her own personal history of hormonal struggles has made her understand what other women go through during times of hormonal imbalances. I highly recommend her services. You will see tangible results like I did along with receiving valuable feedback in your journey to getting your health back so you can live a life of vitality, wholeness and abundance».

Shelley, 40, Texas