IODINE Group Coaching
with Vanessa Raphael


Iodine has been used since the dawn of time and it has in more recent times been removed from tablesalt and been silenced by industries with conflicting economic interests.


(please watch my introductional lesson on iodine if you have not yet)


Iodine levels have fallen nearly 60 percent in the last 40 years, and during that same time-period we have seen epidemic increases in all the thyroid illnesses – autoimmune, hypothyroid, cancer – as well as epidemic increases involving cancer of the breast, ovary, uterus, prostate, pancreas. 

Other reasons why it is not used frequently in to day to day life is that there is no adequate knowledge about how to use iodine, how to use it properly or how the body reacts based on how much halogens and toxins the body has stored up after a life of consuming fluoride in the toothpaste, showering in the water chlorine, using deodorants with aluminum and other  toxic skin products etc. Environmental toxins and hormone inhibitors also have an impact on how the body works. The body's mineral and vitamin balance plays a role as well as with how well the body is hydrated.

What is Iodine used for?

Iodine has been used in many types of treatments of diseases such as cancer, IBS, Fibromyalgia, shrinking cysts, production of thyroid hormones, in treatment of hyper thyroidism, for the production of glial cells in the spine and brain, for the development of the babys’ brain in pregnancy.

The thyroid only holds less than 1% of the body’s iodine store; the skin holds 20%, the breasts hold 5%. Our whole body needs iodine.

Iodine is also known to kill bacteria and viruses.

The Cretans are a group of people who are known for their iodine deficiency. These became very short in height and had an I.Q of less than 50, which led to the brain and skeleton not being properly developed.

Iodine is needed for all the organs in the body

Iodine is needed for organs other than the thyroid gland such as the breast, heart and ovaries /gonads.  Breast, ovarian and prostate cancer are well known to people, maybe especially over 40 years of age.

Dr. David Brownstein who is one of the world's leading iodine experts and doctors even started taking iodine supplements in high doses when he was 42 years old. He also takes thyroid medicine in addition. The reason he started getting into iodine was that his father died of heart problems which he found that among other things that he was iodine deficient.

So the most important thing is that you learn for yourself how iodine can be used.

Who is this group coaching for?

  • If you want to learn about the Iodine protocol and how to use it in your own life. 
  • If you have iodine deficiency and do not get adequate help from the doctor, - if at all. 
  • If you want to learn about how to use iodine for a short period of your life or for longer periods. 
  • If you want to learn how to use iodine on the skin (atopically).

Can you take iodine with your thyroid medications?

Among iodine experts, this is called "The Rule of Thirds".

  • One third will not need thyroid hormones medication, they only need iodine.
  • One-third will need less thyroid hormones medication.
  • And a third will most likely stay on the same thyroid hormones medication dose.

Who needs what is very individual.

Who is NOT this group coaching for?

This iodine coaching is general learning about iodine and not tailored if you who have serious illnesses despite the fact that you can learn a lot about how your body works with iodine. It is better for you to get 1: 1 coaching that is tailored to your needs, just send me an email about your condition.

It is not for people who are looking for a quick fix with iodine. Although iodine can fix a lot, a lifetime of havoc in the body caused by toxins is not fixed overnight.

This coaching is not for negative Nina or negative Niels. The instructor has a special allergy to negativity and complaining as this is scientifically proven to be counter productive to healing.

Instead, contact if you are unsure whether this group coaching is for you.

If you want Endometriosis or thyroid coaching, this is a separate type of coaching and you can request this on the same e-mail as mentioned above.

«I have greatly enjoyed Vanessa's protocol. She has solid and valuable knowledge about the body's immune system. After my third cancer diagnosis, I wanted to strengthen m body with good vitamins and minerals. I have always followed conventional hospital treatment, but now I combine this with giving the body what it needs to function more optimally. I feel stronger, have more energy and generally better after 1.5 years on Vanessa's protocol. I get good follow-up, and she always responds quickly if I have any questions. I take regular blood tests that Vanessa also supervises so that we constantly monitor and ensure the best possible combination of vitamins and minerals. I highly recommend her services.»

—Anette, Oslo

«Iodine coaching»:

Introduction price: Price 175;- USD (Normal price 350;- USD)

  • A 10 week course with 3 video/audio calls with Q&A
  • Information weekly to your email that you need to go through before the zoom calls.
  • 10 weeks of support in a closed Facebook gruppe
  • The 2 first weeks you get a download where to buy cofactors and instructions on email 
  • It starts 19 of April 2022
  • Limited spots. 

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«I am grateful that I came across Vanessa’s protocol. I have a background in health sciences and work with people in a clinic daily. Despite my background, I have struggled with hormonal issues for more than 15 years and particularly, worse in the last year. I knew I had a vitamin D deficiency among other concerns but did not have the means to tackle this. Vanessa was able to help me deconstruct the stealth of information providing clarity and helpful recommendations that lead to tangible results. Last year I felt discomfort in my right ovary and despite visiting a gynecologist it was not addressed. I also visited a naturopath who provided some foundational information. Finally, I came across Vanessa and I am so thankful for her valuable insights that brought transformative results. I noticed the discomfort begin to leave as I adopted her recommendations. It is hard to come across health coaches that provide such insightful information. There is a lot of knowledge that does not help from the medical community. I also was facing concerns with sluggishness due to my thyroid not functioning correctly. I did not receive adequate help regarding this from my regular doctor and I was able to apply practical wisdom from Vanessa who navigated my blood test results seamlessly. I began her protocol for my thyroid as well and saw differences in alertness after a long time. Vanessa’s unique background coupled with her own personal history of hormonal struggles has made her understand what other women go through during times of hormonal imbalances. I highly recommend her services. You will see tangible results like I did along with receiving valuable feedback in your journey to getting your health back so you can live a life of vitality, wholeness and abundance.»

—Shelley, 40