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My offer to help you walk through your labs and help you with different protocols to suit you is not going to be a super long page with bla bla bla so here we go

I am offering to follow up with your blood works and give my suggestions for 3 months by e-mail.

The blood works I like to see are:

1. Vit B12
2. 1,25 (OH)2 D3
3. PTH
4. TSH
5. T4
7. Selenium
8. Calcium (total and ionized)
9. Urea & creatinine (BUN & creatinine)
10. Albumin
11. Ferritin
12. Hormone profile Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone ,FSH Cortisol, DHEA-S (not necessary first time)

(Determined after writing with you - you might not need all of these blood tests)

These blood works are a first time draw to get an overall picture. If you want to make more blood test during the 3 months time we can go through them too. But how this will work best is if you have newly drawn blood tests and I can look through them, I will suggest vitamins and minerals for you  and you can take a new blood test at the end of the 3 months to go through.

Then, if you like you can take new blood tests in 6-8 months time and book in a new 3 months blood test walk through with me.

Note; this is not a 1:1 coaching on phone or video but email communication about your blood work which of course includes coaching. My 1:1 coaching that includes a call 1,5 hours can be booked of course as well you you want and that is including diet and other suggestions and it is $300 with 3 months follow up. 


This "blood draw follow up coaching" for 3 months with suggestions and support via email is normal $300

NOW: $197 USD

So how do you go about it?

Email me at thevanessaprotocol@gmail.com and tell me that you want the 3 month email support program.

  1. If you already have these blood tests I can send you a payment link and we can start right away, just email me. But email me so we can figure out if you need more/other blood tests
  2. If you dont have the blood test, email me and when you get the blood tests I send you a payment link and we can start when you get them

If you wonder about this just email me. I will have a cap each month so you have to get contact me to see if I have space



Vanessa Raphael

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