First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Vanessa Raphael and I am a Brain and Hormone Health Coach Practitioner. I am also a Mindset + Weight Loss Strategist, an Author and an Artist and a Designer. Whew many so many things... so lets get into how I know so much about vitamin D...

My background is that I was sick for a long time which started after my mum died from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I learned that there was a great connection between MS and Low Vitamin D Deficiency.  I learned about the Coimbra Protocol and how it helped severely ill patients reverse auto immune diseases. The protocol did not help me due to its very high doses followed up with medical supervision but I learned about it and later developed my own natural protocol called the Vanessa Protocol which also contains vitamin D but includes a more holistic approach and other vitamins and minerals that optimise the immune system -plus the freedom of choice of diets. If you want to know more about my story you can see it here


So I am a straight shooter, I am letting you get the answer to what you came for: What You Need & Why You Need It.

What do you need? The answer is Vitamin D Supplements. Easy as. (You wont be able to eat enough foods to get your 10 000 iu a day,- unless you have an known eating disorder and your food suppliers are in shortage 😉

Why do you need it?

Because our foods wont give us enough vitamin D and neither will the sun in most cases thanks to our indoor lifestyles and the lack of sun. Of course depending on where we live but many of us live in countries where its not super sunny all year long, and even for those of us who have this luxury of sun every day-  we have busy indoor- in office lifestyles and the sun is not anywhere near our skin most of the day for when it counts towards vitamin D production.

Also, our genes can inhibit us from absorbing enough Vitamin D -make sure you subscribe to my YouTube so you can see my videos about these subjects.

Lastly, toxins in our environments, clothes, foods and medicine will hinder absorption of vitamin D, including caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and stress. Everything that increases our cortisol levels will hinder the absorption of vitamin D.


How much do you need?

Lets see what the absolute top experts agree with:

"The dose of 10,000 IU per day is considered by all researchers, by all international vitamin D experts, NOAEL (No Adverse Effect Level). It means there is no adverse effect with this dose of vitamin D in an adult person". - Cícero Galli Coimbra, neurologist, Ph.D.

So 10 000  iu of vitamin D is a safe and healthy dose for healthy normal people.  If you want to read more about different levels of vitamin D dosing you can check out this article here 

And if you want to read about how safe vitamin D is by Dr John Cannell you can read it  here


Some people who should not take vitamin D supplements without their doctors specific approval are people who have kidney failure or a rare calcium serum- we never know what doctors do these days, but I would say if you have any of these conditions dont take it. However, its possible to work with all the other minerals and vitamins to optimize your health even if you cannot take the supplements.  Heal where we can heal and build the body up where we can.

Patients who are suffering from hyper thyroidism should not take more than 5000 iu a day as it can interfere with your thyroid.

OK, lets call it a day, - I do not want to bombard you with too much information. Tomorrow I will talk about where you get it from, -why and what you need.

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In health,

Vanessa Raphael

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