Different Approaches to Detox with Touchstone Products

In this blog post I want to address some approaches to use detox these Touchstone products

Most people have no problems with these even though a few detox symptoms can occur with starting detox products. However I will share my go to approaches.

Where to start

First of all, start small and increase with one increment by the week. This can look like the following:

  • Morning: 3 Capsules of Supergreens +D and one spray 
  • Lunch: One spray
  • Dinner: One spray

 Increase the next weeks until you get to 4 sprays 3 times daily which would look like this after 4 weeks:

  • Morning: 3 Capsules of Supergreens +D and four sprays
  • Lunch: Four sprays
  • Dinner: Four sprays

If you have no problems or symptoms with one spray, then increase to 4 sprays as your body allows

Then, add in the dropper

Increase directly to 4 sprays and 4 drops 3 times a day if your body allows, OR increase with one drop either per day or per meal until you get to 4 sprays and 4 drops 3 times daily, this can sometimes take long time and it is okay to have breaks or it doesn't have to take long time at all.

And ladies, if you are usually drained around your period, then please start the days after your period if you feel more tired from it. It can also be good to start on your period depending on your energy as the body is in detox mode on your period, but again, this is all so different from person to person. Some feel tired with the detox and some feel energised, I have experienced both. So I guess there is no right answers other than follow your body's lead.  Personally I have to find out how many sprays I can take a day, and taking it too late at night can make me more awake. So it is all about finding the golden

For the Super Sensitive Ones

Starting with the Supergreens +D in the morning is a very option good for those who need the sensitive start to this detox and did not do well when applying the whole protocol. For people in wheel chairs and get spams this might be the only detox they can handle for the first 6 months, although I would add in some of these good bacteria in the morning regime as well to heal the gut. And then start adding one drop before bed, and increase to 2 drops before bed until you can take 4 drops and stay with that dose until you can sneak in a drop in the morning regime and go from there. Perhaps 4 drops in the evening plus the morning regime with Supergreens + D is what is the optimal dose for some that is very sensitive in the long run. Bottom line is to listen to your body, - because you live there 🙂

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