First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Vanessa Raphael and I am a Brain and Hormone Health Coach Practitioner. I am also a Mindset + Weight Loss Strategist, an Author and an Artist and a Designer. Whew many so many things...

My background is that I was sick for a long time which started after my mum died from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I learned that there was a great connection between MS and Low Vitamin D Deficiency.  I learned about the Coimbra Protocol and how it helped severely ill patients reverse auto immune diseases. The protocol did not help me due to its very high doses followed up with medical supervision, but I learned about it and later developed my own natural protocol called the Vanessa Protocol which also contains vitamin D but includes a more holistic approach and other vitamins and minerals that optimise the immune system -plus the freedom of choice of diets. If you want to know more about my story you can see it here

If you want to check out all I do and follow me on my social media platforms you will get an idea of what I am doing. Before I got sick and became a health practitioner I was designing jewellery and was quite passionate about fashion and design, which I still am and I did also start to paint a couple of years ago. I also have an Etsy shop with all my creations, check it out here

All my paintings you, well many of them you can see here

You can also follow me on my instagram account for my designs at @VanessaRaphaelDesigns


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